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How to be a media relations champion?

July 29, 2014 Public Relations 2 Written by hskilton

New media has enhanced print journalists’ ability to find hot topics, breaking news and trends faster than ever before. This means PRs have to work even harder to make sure their content is readily available in real time, both on and offline.

Public Relations continues to be a sophisticated process which requires the right information to be in front of the right audience at the right time. As any PR knows, if one of these requirements isn’t met, the whole campaign could fail. Media relations is the key to ensure the success of any media campaign, so we’ve shared our top tips to become a media relations champ (below).

How to be a media relations champion?

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  1. haryanto /

    I like your article. I’m lecture for media relations in one of college in Jakarta, Indonesia. Can I use your article to give my student various view about media relations? Thanks you..

  2. admin /

    Hi Haryanto, Sure! Thank you for your interest in our blog :-)

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