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Twitter is a newswire


June 18, 2014 0

When it comes to communication professionals, Twitter is clearly ahead of the social networking industry. Its ability to facilitate networking with other users whilst publishing stories as they happen is second to none. On Twitter we can expel news in seconds, and pick up the content relevant to…

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10 Social Media Key Trends

April 30, 2014 1

Keeping track of emerging trends and moving with, or even ahead of your audience is essential to success in any communications. As social media monitoring experts, we watch social buzz like social hawks! We’re always watching out for trends to fuel our understanding of where the communications industry is leading. Watch our video to see …

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PR trends


February 6, 2014 0

Public Relations pioneers have started to embrace new technologies, new channels, and new disciplines like content marketing and brand journalism. But, in the eyes of the public and the minds of our clients, advertising and marketing is still where the innovation happens. Time for public relations to step up! This study introduces a few new …

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Introducing the Media Halo A brand new model for integrated media strategies

October 2, 2013 1

New analysis of popular media theory presents an innovative approach to successfully integrate paid, owned, earned – and social – media campaigns. Kantar Media’s white paper, “Introducing the Media Halo – a New Model for Paid, Owned, Earned and Social Media” provides a brand new framework for creating truly integrated media strategies. Its innovative approach …

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Online Audio

PR and the new wave of Audio

July 22, 2013 0

Media is evolving fast and Public relations is changing along with it. According to Mashable’s post Startups Bet Audio Is the Next Frontier for Social Media: “There’s no shortage of apps and websites to help us share our lives through videos, pictures and text messages, but we’ve moved farther and farther away from what was once …

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May 20, 2013 0

You have finally made it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. But another social way that has become important in enhancing traffic is video! Check out our second episode of our webseries #kmnitrends and start using video content in your Pr strategy.

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The Rise of Visual PR

April 17, 2013 0

Are you ready for the visual content revolution? “Customers judge with their eyes. A consistent visual experience will drive audience engagement and trigger exponential sales” Walter Panatella CEO Kantar Media News Intelligence. Kantar Media Trends is a web video series dedicated to the emerging online trends in media and PR. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel …

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